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The Best Ideas Macrame – DIY Easy and Cheap

DIY are for me the best projects. I really like to reuse old decorations or make new ones. There are several easy and cheap ideas to do that can make a total difference in our home. Today I bring a post related to Macrame. Macrame are boho style as well as the decoration of my house, so they make the perfect conjunction. Macrame creation is a good opportunity for a future hobby and maybe you can still make an extra income. The combination of the two is perfect!

DIY Macrame Coasters- Beginners Tutorial- Easy Step by Step

This tutorial was created to help first time makers follow a simple weaving pattern to make macrame coasters for the home, a great addition to any tabletop and keeps coffee rings and water marks off surfaces too!

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Mini Macrame Garland

I love the macrame look however I don’t have the patience to create complex macrame wall hangings. I wanted to create something simple to adorn a book corner, so I created this mini macrame garland – it’s easy, fun and therapeutic to make! It only took a couple of episodes of a show I was watching to complete! Read on to see how to macrame a fun little garland of your own!

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Jute String Lanterns

Summer is here and I can’t get enough! I made these quick Jute String Lanterns with mason jars to help decorate the backyard and patio!

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Make a Macrame Table Runner (Video Tutorial)

Have you ever tried macrame? It’s SO fun! This Anthropologie inspired macrame table runner that I used in my Fall tablescape this year was my first project, and I’m officially hooked. Want to try? Let me show you how to make it!

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Easy Boho DIY Macrame Coasters

Hey Everyone! Today I’m popping in to show you how to make a pair of super-cute boho DIY macrame coasters. They are so easy to whip up! That’s because they require mastering just one knot. Yep, easy-breezy. And in just minutes, you’ll have a couple of DIY macrame coasters ready to use or give away as gifts 🙂

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

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Make a Macrame Wrapped Wall Light in Less than an Hour

I’ve been practicing macrame a lot recently and even though I’m still a beginner, I love creating unique projects with this basic twisted macrame pattern (as you may have seen in my DIY twisted macrame keychains earlier this week). 

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Macrame Mermaid Tail Keychain DIY // Tutorial + Video

Learn how to make a simple DIY macrame mermaid tail keychain in this step by step tutorial!

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16 Easy DIY Macrame Plant Hangers for Beginners

One of the easiest Macrame projects to get started with is a plant hanger. Decorate your house on a budget with 16 easy DIY Macrame plant hangers for beginners!

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Easy Large DIY Macrame Wall Hanging (with Video!)

Learn how to make some beautiful boho wall art with this easy large macrame wall hanging tutorial!

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DIY Macrame Feathers

Beautiful, wispy macrame feathers have been clogging up my social media feeds as of late – but I’m not mad about it. They’re incredibly beautiful and I’ve definitely found myself bookmarking them to purchase later, to hang in the kids’ room. But of course, I was also curious to know how they were made. 

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DIY Round Macrame Boho Costers

Every time I find some craft idea that I want to try, I can’t seem to rest until I figure out how to make it, these coasters were the perfect example of that, I had done macramé bracelets before but making a round macramé was foreign to me. 

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DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Mandala Wreath

Today, I am excited to share this gorgeous DIY Macrame Wall Hanging with you! This is a simple project with such a stunning result. Its fun that you can either hang it up on the wall or lay it flat on a table for a beautiful centerpiece.

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