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Living Room Decor Idea – Mood Board for My New Home

I’m moving to a new house! I’m so excited that I can’t explain it in words! What does moving to a new home make me think? New decorations and renovations. Yeahhh!! I love decoration and that’s why this is a great project for me. Today the post is about ideas I have to do in my living room. I’ll take advantage of almost everything I have, to decorate the new house, but I’ll also do some DIY . Stay tuned because I’ll show you here in the Blog the Mood Board’s of the rest of the rooms of the house. 🙂

My living room will also be a dining room. The table I have is already like the one in the photo. The idea I took from there were the lamps, the feathers and also the dried flowers on the table.

I’ll put a sideboard by the dinner table. This sideboard is currently being used for TV. Further down you will understand the idea. 🙂

The ideas I have are:

Sofa Area

For the sofa area I already have the ladder. The only thing I’ll change is the coffee table. I’ve already found some that I like a lot but are expensive so I chose to do a DIY. In the photo the coffee table is rectangular but mine will be round but in the same material as the photo. Then I share it with you 🙂

The ideas I have are:

Decor Details

Tv Area

At the moment my TV is on top of a cabinette but the idea I have for the new house is to put the TV on the wall. I haven’t decided if I’m going to put some wallpaper or make a wooden panel on the wall. Underneath the tv there will be a cabinette that will also be a DIY because what I have at the moment is small. The idea I have so far is to buy a cabinette from Ikea and I do the doors.

The ideas I have are:

When I move I will take pictures of the before and after so you can see how it looked. I will also share how I did my DIY. I hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for the next posts. 🙂

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